A Day with Man’s Best Friends (Yes, best friends) | Singapore


As I am surfing “Things to do in Bugis” and “Places to go and visit in Bugis” in the internet, I came across with this cafe. My first reaction was “Oh my, doooogs!”. Since I missed my dog in the Philippines, I, together with my boyfriend, brother and cousin (since they are also dog lovers like me!), decided to visit We are the Furballs!


Upon entering the cafe, the staff happily greeted and welcomed us. They patiently oriented us about the rules inside the cafe. And then, they gave each one of us an ID which has the customer number and the check-in time.

Price: $10.50 for the first 2 hours, additional $2.50 for every 30
Free drinks (tea, canned beverages, iced flavored teas additional

There are designated shelves for bags. If you have food with you, you need to leave it on the designated table near the counter, just before entering the dog area.

When we entered the dog area, a staff introduced the dogs to us. However, we were not allowed to carry the dogs, this is to avoid accidents and injuries to our best buddies. We just sat and after a few minutes, some of the dogs were already approaching us.




Dog treats are available for $3 per small pack, but if you buy 3, you’ll get 1 free. Some dogs will come to you if you have treats for them, so I suggest for you to buy some.

If the dog peed or pooped, there is a bell which you can ring in order to give signal to the staff so they can clean it.

Some dogs are lap dogs, meaning they can sit and even sleep on your lap for so long. In my case, Lulu, the Toy Poodle, slept on my lap for almost 2 hours!

Lulu, the Toy Poodle

Board games area – we played Uno cards!



I recommend that you book in advance to avoid queuing for long.

Recommended for groups of friends, families or even individuals who
really love interacting with these cute dogs.

Watch my short video clip on Youtube to see have a sneak peak of the dogs and the place, too! If you like it, please hit like and give it a thumbs up 🙂 Thanks a lot!!

We are the Furballs
#07-07, Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, Bugis+, 188067
+65 6509 1186
Monday 1–10PM
Tuesday 1–10PM
Wednesday 1–10PM
Thursday 1–10PM
Friday 12:30–10:30PM
Saturday 12:30–10:30PM
Sunday 1–10PM

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