The Yard Underground | Pasig City, Philippines

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While I was still in Singapore, counting the days before I fly back to the Philippines, I listed down all the restaurants that I would like to try come my much-awaited vacation. And one of those in the list is The Yard Underground. I’ve read a lot of positive feedbacks on Facebook, and that made me decide to include this in my food list.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

First stop: Above Sea Level

To be honest, we first looked at almost all of the tables and checked out what food did they order. And to our surprise, majority of the customers ordered, this giant squid from Above Sea Level.

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Giant Squid, PhP250

It’s REALLY huge, I promise. It comes with 2 cups of Java rice and is good for 2 persons.
However, in our case, since we still ordered other food, this giant squid fed the three of us.

The squid, though oily, was really the bomb! It’s very tasty and crunchy. I can say that it is well cooked. Perfect with their Java rice!

Second Stop: Halal Kabab Express

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Chelo Kabab – Beef and Chicken Combination, PhP189

Aside from the Filipino dish which is the Giant Squid, we also ordered an Indian cuisine.
Presenting, the Chelo Kabab! We opted for the combination of beef and chicken so we could try both. The dish comes with of course, beef and chicken kabab, rice, nacho, grilled tomato, yogurt and chili dips, and diced veggies (onion, tomato and cucumber). The beef and chicken kabab are cooked just right and is more tasty when dipped in both yogurt and chili. Their rice is a huge serving, similar to the authentic Indian dishes wherein the rice is really served in a big amount. The rice is good for 2 persons. We prefer the beef kabab over the chicken since it is more flavourful.

Third Stop: The Cheesery

Of course, we need something to drink!

To balance everything out, we ordered a liter of Freshly Squeezed Lemon for PhP120.

Fourth Stop: Crazytella

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Crazytella’s sweet menu :p

There’s always a room for dessert, am I right? πŸ˜€

Check out my name on the jar! It’s like a personalized dessert.

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Wafella Hazelnut Fudge Brownie, PhP160

Yeah, yeah, CALORIE OVERLOAAAD! But, who cares right? I’m in a vacation, remember? πŸ˜›
Layers of crushed grahams, vanilla ice cream, and waffles drizzled with nutella and topped with a slice of fudgy brownie. How can I resist?

(The waffle is not freshly baked and the nutella amount is just limited, though.)

But, one thing’s for sure, I will definitely come back and try other food they have in here!

The Yard Underground
#207 Christian Route Hill Crest Circle Oranbo , Pasig City
Opens daily from 4PM to 12AM

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