Hi! This is Kristel and I want to share with you my passion and love for food and travel.

My interest in food, travel and photography all started as a hobby. Whenever I go out with my family, boyfriend and friends to eat and/or travel, I take photos of the food I really liked and the view and places that attracted me. I create albums in my phone to keep the photos and look back at it whenever I want to.

That’s the time I decided to create this blog wherein I can share with everyone the food and destinations I really enjoyed and I hope that in some way, this blog can serve as your guide, too. 🙂

The name Tables and Tales refers to both food and travel. Tables = Food, Tales = Travel. That simple! 🙂

Tables and tales will tickle your taste buds, make your tummy hungry for scrumptious food, and make your feet itchy for travel!

See you around 😀